FS: 3mm abs, bought the wrong stuff...

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FS: 3mm abs, bought the wrong stuff...

Post by T3rry on Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:01 pm

Anybody have a use for 3mm filament, being new i wasn't aware that the machines were typically set up for one size, i assumed they could run both, my mistake, and now i have 4 rolls of filament i cant use, i have opened 3 of the 4 so i cant really return them... hoping someone that could use them could help me out and buy them from me, i expect to not get my all of money back, but i'd like to get as close as i can, i already feel like a complete idiot.. (order was from reprapwarehouse in edm) (i suppose if i cant get a fair price for them it would be more cost effective to just buy a new extruder setup for 3mm, but i'd rather not go that route, being new, i am really not that comfortable doing that big of a change to the machine with still so much to learn, dont wanna screw up more stuff) its was purchased at the end of august


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